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Protein Essentials Collagen is a Premium Protein Supplement

Making sure you are getting enough protein each day is important because protein helps build muscle, ward off hunger, maintain bone density and much more. Research shows that supplements can be a big help. In addition to ensuring a sufficient intake, the choice of protein source also matters. The specific amino acid composition of Protein … Continue reading Protein Essentials Collagen is a Premium Protein Supplement

Collagen has been all over the news as an important natural supplement for 2017. What is collagen?  What benefits could you expect to see? Any side effects you should be aware of?  How is it best used?  Let’s break it down! First, let’s take the mystery out of collagen. Collagen and its cousin, gelatin are not … Continue reading What Benefits Can You Expect From Collagen?

Almond Butter Protein Squares

These delicious little no bake treats make a perfect on the go breakfast or a healthy 3pm slump snack! 1/4 c raw almonds 3/4 c almond butter 1 1/2 c rolled oats 1 scoop Protein Essentials Chocolate Collagen Shake 1 T pure maple syrup 5 T coconut milk 1/2 T coconut butter 1 T coconut … Continue reading Almond Butter Protein Squares