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Recovering From a Joint Injury

It happens to the best of us: We’re performing a seemingly simple task around the house or loading groceries into the car, then we take a funny step and our knee buckles. Recovering from an unexpected joint injury takes patience and care to make sure you heal properly and don’t re-aggravate the joint in the … Continue reading Recovering From a Joint Injury

Hydration is important during cooler spring days.

Perform 100 Fruit Filled Popsicles

Yep, popsicles! We know it’s a little early, but with the warm weather spreading across the country, we could not resist. Who doesn’t love a naturally good for you and delicious popsicle?! Whatever combination of Perform 100 and fruit you choose, you are getting a protein packed, vitamin rich popsicle! At about 35 calories each, Perform … Continue reading Perform 100 Fruit Filled Popsicles