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Vegetable Garden

The Protein Essentials Test Kitchen has been hard at work getting the organic vegetable garden ready for spring! It is truly a labor of love. Here’s what we have been up to. Use some of these tips to get your garden ready. All the soil must be turned over. First we rake any remaining leaves … Continue reading Vegetable Garden

Tasty Topping

1/3 c brown sugar 2/3 c chopped pecans, divided 1 T  Linwoods ground flaxseed, sunflower & pumpkin seeds 1 T Protein Essentials Hydrolyzed Collagen tiny pinch of salt In a mini food processor combine brown sugar, 1/3 c pecans, flaxseed combo, collagen and a pinch of salt. Pulse. Pour into resealable container. Add remaining 1/3 cup … Continue reading Tasty Topping