Canine & Feline Gelatin Supplement Powder

Like humans, pets often gain too few nutrients from their food. Many animals eat a relatively small variety of meals, so nutritional deficiencies can easily develop. Carnivorous pets, such as cats and dogs, need a wide range of vitamins and minerals to remain healthy, especially protein. Protein helps them maintain and grow muscles, recover from illnesses or injuries and fight germs, among other things.
Our feline and canine gelatin supplement powders offer an effective solution. They boost the immune system, enhance skin and coat health and help the animal maintain its current weight. Our gelatin powder for pets alleviates pain in joints, so older dogs and cats with arthritis can find relief. Bones, cartilage and ligaments become stronger. Our supplements also have the potential to curb digestive problems. They’re easy to use; simply add the powder to your pet's meals. You can mix it with warm water if desired.
Unlike some pet supplements and foods, Protein Essentials products don't contain any gluten or soy. Many cats suffer from lactose intolerance, so our supplements remain free of dairy ingredients to cater to all felines. Our non-GMO gelatin pet supplements are hypoallergenic and completely safe. We never use cheap fillers to cut costs; the protein content exceeds 97 percent. These supplements also supply amino acids to help animals' bodies heal more rapidly. Protein Essentials upholds high-quality standards and only uses gelatin from cattle that were raised in fields. Pick up a package of our gelatin powder for pets and see the difference in your pet’s appearance, demeanor and health. Shop today and enjoy free shipping!