Super quick, tasty Italian Beef perfect for a crowd - easy enough for a week night!

1 4lb beef eye round
2 T Italian Seasoning (we like Trader Joes 21 Seasoning Salute)
1 bottle hot giardiniera (we like Marconi)
1 bottle mild giardiniera
1 c InstaBroth, Beef prepared

Set Instant Pot to saute to preheat. When the "hot" appears, heat 1-2 T of the giardiniera oil. In the meantime, rub seasoning all over beef. Sear the beef in the oil on all sides in the Instant Pot. Set beef aside. Turn Instant Pot off. Add InstaBroth. Add beef and any accumulated drippings back into Instant Pot. Select Pressure Cook or Manual and add 90 minutes of cooking time. At the end of the cooking time when beep sounds, use natural release to release pressure. After approximately 20 minutes, remove lid. Add 1/2 cup mixture mild and hot giardiniera to beef in pot. Reseal lid, press manual and cook for additional 10 minutes. 
Use whatever release method works for your schedule. Add beef to buns or add to rice, quinoa, salad and garnish with giardiniera. Enjoy!