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Plum Tart For One

Plum Tart For One

This healthy plum tart for one is delicious and oh so easy! Bonus: It cooks in the microwave! 1 plum 1 scoop PE Collagen 2 Simple Mills Crunchy Cinnamon Cookies 2 T Oats 1/2 t Linwood’s Ground Flax, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed Mix 1/2 packet Stevia pinch of salt In a small bowl mix together … Continue reading Plum Tart For One

Black Bean & Tomato Soup with InstaBroth

Black Bean & Tomato Soup with InstaBroth is easy to make and will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. This healthy recipe is high in protein and under 500 calories per serving so you can eat a nutrient dense meal and stay warm! 1 clove garlic, minced 1 shallot, chopped 1 t olive … Continue reading Black Bean & Tomato Soup with InstaBroth

Mexican Iced Coffee w Mocha Collagen

This is a delicious healthy treat! The warmth from the cinnamon and the heat from the spice combined with the mocha hit the perfect flavor note. 1 1/2 c almond milk 1/2 small banana, frozen small handful of spinach, kale, chard heaping scoop of Protein Essentials Mocha Collagen Protein Shake 1/2 t cinnamon 1/8 chipotle … Continue reading Mexican Iced Coffee w Mocha Collagen